Elder Law

In addition to extensive knowledge of the areas of law that most often affect elders, our attorneys understand the practical issues faced by elders and their families as well as the resources available to assist them.

Medicaid and Other Public Benefits

Mark Christopher practices extensively in the area of public benefits law. He regularly assists clients with Medicaid planning and qualification, disability planning, long-term care benefits, and social security issues.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

We advise families with adults who do not have the capacity to manage their own affairs and care for themselves. We guide these families through the guardianship and conservatorship appointment processes. Many of these cases are contested. We also advise many guardians and conservators in carrying out their responsibilities. Some of our attorneys serve or have served as guardians ad litem for incapacitated adults.

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Mark Christopher (VA) Alvi Aggarwal (VA, FL)

Special Needs Trusts

The families and friends of children with special needs want to ensure those children have the best possible lives, now and in the future. Our attorneys can help protect a child with special needs by creating a plan to ensure the availability of resources and care for that child. In addition to protecting the child’s eligibility for public benefits without limiting the child to only that source of support, we can assist with the creation of a plan to provide for the care and custody of a child with special needs.

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Mark Christopher (VA)